Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wizarding world of Harry Potter

All right. I will admit it. 'Fess up. Come clean.

I love Harry Potter. I am not going to apologize for it.

And while we are on the topic - I like Harry Potter better than I like Lord of the Rings. (OK, this one I am a little ashamed of.)

I also love the theme parks of Orlando. Not all theme parks mind you. It is a specific love - theme parks of Orlando. Disney World is my favorite theme park by far (don't get me started on Disneyland, or whatever that LA version is called - an utter waste of time!). Universal Studios is not far behind.

So it was euphoria wrapped around ecstasy yesterday when I heard news items using the words 'Harry Potter', 'theme park', and 'Orlando' in the same sentence. The details are out everyone! Universal Studios is now sharing details of the Harry Potter based theme park in Orlando, set to open in Spring 2010. It would be a park within the Islands of Adventure park of Universal. A triwizard tournament; Hog's Head pub; Zonko's joke shop; Hogsmeade; Fitch's emporium of confiscated goods; ... and the piece de resistance - Hogwarts!

The official site of the theme-park-to-be is here. Don't expect too much though. They are playing their cards so close to their chest, it is like they have tried to make the site as uninteresting as possible. The LA Times blog here has a good list of the key attractions in the park.

So now is the hard part. The waiting. I know the park is coming. I know it is going to be the awesome-est thing ever. But it's not open yet. Don't get too excited ... deep breaths JS, deep breaths!

(Question to self - Can I buy a time turner on ebay? Then maybe I could go into the future and see the park ... but then I can't see myself at the park, or that would kill me ... aaaaaargh!!)


  1. Didn't like HP 5-7 as much as HP 1-4, became almost filmy at the end. Lord of the Rings is far superior. Book 2 and 3 grow the philosophical underpinnings in Book 1 unlike HP.

  2. Hi,
    I love Harry Potter too. And I agree with random worker - HP 1-4 were much more fun than the other books.