Friday, October 9, 2009

New England beckons!

Later today, I start on a road trip through New England. New England - the land that gave us John Irving. John Irving - the man that gave us some of the most deeply etched characters in recent fiction.

The prostitutes of The Hotel New Hampshire, the first John Irving I read.

Owen Meany, the tiny New Hampshire boy with the wrecked voice.

Jenny Fields of Boston, who forced herself on an unconscious soldier, got pregnant and gave birth to one of the most memorable characters you will come across, T.S. Garp.

Maine - an orphanage, and The Cider House Rules.

A pity then, that John Irving's latest book, Last Night in Twisted River, hasn't been released yet and can't accompany me these next few days. Ishiguro's Nocturnes then, is going to be my read for the trip.

Brick and Rope will be back after ten days of flaming fall foliage. Till then, happy reading everyone!

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