Sunday, May 2, 2010

Eent aur Rassi – Brick and Rope heads back home

Yes I will, I told myself all these years. Through occasional hesitation. Through parental disbelief. Through the skepticism of well-meaning friends.

Yes, we will, I told my daughter when she was barely old enough to understand. We will go back home one day soon. (But this is home, she said, not quite following.)

And now, after seven wonderful and fulfilling years in the land of cheesecakes, ‘BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR!!!’ banners, 'schedule' pronounced with a 'k' and Redskins football: ‘knock, knock’ goes the door.

Ms. Opportunity, it is really nice to meet you. Yes, I am ready, thanks for asking.

I am moving to India.


  1. Welcome Back

  2. about time!! would have got difficult if you had left it for later. when are you reaching here? let's catch up.