Monday, August 30, 2010

Move it!

Death of a dear one, divorce, moving.  That is the top three list of most stressful events in life.  Not sure who came up with this list and how, but why shouldn't I do my bit to extend urban myths?  Never let the truth get in the way of a good story, I say. 

Anyway, my point is, moving can be stressful.  And that is what I have been up to recently.  I have traded off my run down corporate guest house with paid-for domestic help for a spanking new apartment with surprisingly uncertain plumbing and no help at hand.

Our furniture and domestic goods (also known as seven years of accumulated junk) were delivered by the shipping gods this past week - dented, wrinkled, but largely intact.  My life is 190 unopened cartons, a dusty kitchen and a constant search for service providers.

So keep faith, O Brick and Rope reader!  I haven't given my writing pen out to dry yet.  Just feeling a little moved, is all.


  1. Hi,
    Was just thinking of commenting on your absence. And here you are with a short note on it.

  2. hey,

    hope everything was in order in the 190 boxes :). I stumbled upon your blog and really loved it. We never really got to talking about Nicholas Taleb, I was browsing your blog for something on him :).

    Gaurav Agarwal

  3. The boxes are a continuing nightmare. I dream in cardboard brown now.

    Gaurav - use the search on top of the blog and look for Taleb, or Black Swan ... you will see what I think!